About us


Who we are

GKL Provide long and short term vehicle rental across the UK to businesses that have large or small requirements.

We supply where others fear to tread

  • New businesses and those in unusual circumstances
  • Specialist requirements for TV and Film production, Promotional Events and Weddings


Value proposition

Our simple and efficient processes are designed for business-to-business needs:

  • Car, van, truck and specialist vehicles all sourced via one provider
  • Ready-to-rent service with guaranteed availability
  • Flexible terms, off balance sheet, with no commitment
  • Vehicle rental management and reporting
  • Accurate invoicing that's easy to process
  • Industry leading IT platform that's FREE to use
  • Self-serve or assisted booking service
  • Accredited vehicle hire broker
  • Damage controls and verification processes that protect your business.

Why choose us

At GKL we offer a broad range of features, but here are the core benefits for using us for your vehicle rental:


One call to source any vehicle.


UK contact centre to take bookings, deal with enquiries or offer guidance on your vehicle needs.


Regular meetings with a dedicated account manager, providing feedback on cost reduction ideas specific to your business.

No surprises

Our damage processes help to protect your business from unwarranted or inflated bills and our reporting tools allow you to identify problem drivers so that you can focus on the cause, rather than the effect.


GKL Leasing is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its operations through the adoption of sustainable practices and continual improvement in environmental performance.

Learn more about the environment, sustainability & social responsibility.

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