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We have a wide selection of full electric and hybrid vehicles in stock/due in ready to be driven.

All durations and mileages available, so please call for a personal quote.

KEY BENEFITS electric vehicle use

  • Running costs roughly 50% lower per mile
  • No London Congestion Charge or ULEZ Charge
  • No Car-Fuel Benefit Charge
  • Reduced National Insurance contributions for company
  • Free parking and charging at certain locations


  • Full Maintenance and breakdown cover
  • Free tyres if they wear down
  • Free Home Charge Point (subject to length of agreement)

Changing to an Electric or Hybrid vehicle has significant benefits in terms of the tax position for the driver, and several employer benefits.  Amongst the main savings for employers are National insurance contributions, congestion / emission zone charges, and fuel costs. There is though generally a need to ‘speculate to accumulate’ as in many cases the frontend costs of leasing and hiring these vehicles are still more expensive than a conventional vehicle. 

Electric vehicles need to be assessed using a whole life approach, which takes into the account the savings the vehicles offer, and then look at the net position of the hire or lease over the period of use.

GKL have been running electric vehicles for a number of years and are able to assist with these calculations and offer practical advice on running and living with an electric vehicle.  Most of our advisers drive electric vehicles so have first hand experience they can pass onto you as impartial advice. It’s difficult for us to convey this knowledge via our website so we always advise you to give us a call.

We have in stock new, ex demonstrator, and lease return electric and hybrid vehicles of various makes and models.  Our stock page shows existing and typical stock but its best to call for an informal discussion and advice on what’s available and due in soon.


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