Test the market with Flexi-hire

Test the market with Flexi-hire

When it comes to vehicle leasing and rental, some companies still rely on longer leases to fulfil their vehicle needs. This may be a viable option if a car or van is needed for a longer period of time, but flexi-hire vehicle rental can be a cost-effective, flexible solution too.

In this article, we explore some of the benefits that come with flexi-hire, and discuss how this method of vehicle leasing can have a positive impact on your company.

Test new vehicles without the long-term commitment

Purchasing a vehicle outright is a large investment for any organisation. The initial capital and the added on-going maintenance costs can soon add up. However, with flexi-hire, businesses are able to test out newer makes and models for a short period, without having to worry about long-term commitment or a large initial financial outlay.

Flexible use and pricing

From bespoke specialist vans to plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, flexi-hire offers businesses a huge range of makes and models, carefully selected for your needs and requirements.

At the same time, a short-term vehicle rental means that you are able to maintain control over your finances. You may only require the vehicle for a month or perhaps 6 months, but the flexibility means you to control costs and have the vehicle when you actually need it. Flexi-hire is available on cars, vans and other commercials and we can usually supply most makes and models.

Bespoke advice on choosing the right vehicle

If you’re considering a flexi-hire vehicle for the first time, then our dedicated team are able to advise on what car or van would be best suited for your needs.

They have extensive experience working with organisations across all sectors and can help if you are concerned about choosing a vehicle with the wrong specification or fuel economy. Not only does this mean that you drive away happy, but the vehicle choice could save you money in the long term. We understand the confusion and level of information available on vehicles so let us help you make an informed decision.

Why use Flexi Hire

Businesses regularly use flexi-hire for interim vehicles, for instance, you may have a new starter and want to see how their probation period goes before committing to a long-term deal. Perhaps you have a visitor to the business from overseas who needs transport. These all benefit from our Flexi- option

For commercials, those with vans often require additional vehicles during busy periods and Flexi hire is a great way to help increase the fleet quickly without long term rents.

Business service, with a personal touch

Using our flexi-hire and short-term rental service means that you get all the benefits of our extensive knowledge, complete with a personal touch. With a dedicated member of our team working with you throughout the duration of your rental, all your questions will be answered and they’ll be available whenever you need them.

We pride ourselves with a can-do attitude, getting you on the road quickly, efficiently and with added value. Our links to manufacturers and custom suppliers can help find the correct vehicles and ensure the logistics of delivery and collection are hassle-free.

Further reading

In summary, short term and flexi-hire leasing hold multiple benefits for your business. From maintaining control over your budget to ensuring that you have the exact vehicle for your needs, this short-term hire solution is something companies should always consider.

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