How to make the most of your corporate vehicle rental

How to make the most of your corporate vehicle rental

Whether your employees are travelling for business meetings or simply commuting to the office, corporate vehicle rental can add real value to your organisation.

In this article, we wanted to explore some of the ways that individuals and fleet managers can make the most of their corporate vehicle rental. 

Make use of personal, professional support

With companies such as GKL, you will always have the support and expertise of a highly specialised team to draw on, whenever you need advice or guidance on all aspects of your corporate vehicle rental.

From the initial booking to the final delivery, each member of the team will ensure that you spend less time completing paperwork, and more time on expanding your business, and concentrating on your core matters.

For example, during office hours, you will always be able to call and speak to a dedicated consultant, rather than having to go through a series of automated recordings. Not only does this give you a regular contact within the organisation, but it also means that we are accustomed to your needs, and are able to help you to the best of our ability.

Full account management

If you are interested in expanding a fleet further or would like advice on reducing your overall fleet expenditure, then full account management services are available. This means that we are able to make bespoke recommendations based on your current, and future, needs.

Professionally trained in all aspects of fleet management and business development, they are able to give you specific advice on how to best manage your leased, rented and/or grey fleet vehicles, from fuel efficient to the latest, environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Flexible contract terms

From daily car and van rental to flexi-hire contracts, corporate vehicle rental means that you are able to meet the temporary or even seasonal needs of your business.

Not only does this give your business the opportunity to lease a vehicle at short notice, but it means that you are able to have greater control over your monthly expenditure. Since the corporate vehicle rental can be anywhere from one day to several months, it means that you are able to fully forecast spending, both now and in the future. You are able to avoid long term commitments of leasing which usually only become beneficial from over one year of hiring.

Access to vehicles quickly

When it comes to corporate vehicle rental, you are able to gain access to our extensive access of vehicle makes and models with nationwide delivery. We can source vehicles of different specifications and ensure you are on the road as quick as possible. We also stock cars ready to go so all being well you can get going with no fuss and very promptly.

You can see our stock cars here.

Test new vehicles before making a purchase

One of the motivating factors that we have seen recently for corporate vehicle rental is businesses selecting vehicles to trial, before they make a purchase or take out a lease. This flexible approach to driving means that businesses and their employees are able to see which vehicles are best suited for their needs, without the initial outlay that can often come through traditional purchases or long term leasing.

Since technology is always developing, this also means that businesses are able to trial the latest electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, which come with their own business benefits. For example, 100% of Vat can be claimed on the vehicle, if it being used solely for business driving.

Further reading

In summary, corporate vehicle rental can aid financial and efficiency benefits to your business. From reduced monthly expenditure to meeting the seasonal needs of your fleet, it really is a fantastic way to ensure that your business continues moving forward, whilst maintaining control over costs.

If you would like to find out more about how GKL can help you with your own fleet needs, then get in touch with one of our team today. With extensive experience in a range of markets, they will be able to help you choose the right vehicle, based on your specific requirements.


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